Month: October 2008

A possible forward for the Wicca and Divorce Book

I was reading the book Epilogue: A Memoir
and the author’s discussion about her husband’s death, about her grief, about her attempts to find new companionship brought to mind my divorce and my grief over it. It also made me think of an acquaintance going through a divorce, and how what she’s written of her experiences are so very similar to my own internal life when it first happened. It’s also brought to light one of the reasons I’ve had so much trouble getting the book on Wicca and Divorce of the ground: yes, it’s been years, yes, I’ve moved forward into a new relationship, but no, I’m not quite done and it’s not the sort of thing I can or should force. Emotions and loves don’t wrap up in end in neat little packages and it’s a disappointing behavior of modern life that people think they should; I blame this idea on too many people modeling their emotional lives after thirty minute sit-coms. Living doesn’t give you neat conclusions; otherwise you wouldn’t shit yourself when you die.

With that perspective, this is what poured out of me this afternoon.

A Spell-Casting Picture Book – reviewed in Facing North

Facin​g North, a revie​w site on occul​t mater​ial,​ has poste​d a revie​w of the Spell​casti​ng Pictu​re book.


Says Lisa McShe​rry about​ this book:
“No nonse​nse,​ no mucki​ng aroun​d,​ no moral​izing​,​ and total​ly direc​t.​ In anoth​er,​ it compl​etely​ belie​s the absol​ute FUN that the reade​r will find herei​n.​ A spell​book,​ fun? Absol​utely​.​”