2011 Pagan Values Month Roundup week 2

Here’s a roundup of some thought-provoking posts made by fellow Pagans for Pagan values month:

From the blog Malaise can Sit, Jeez! on ethical food choices:

  • Gi, or Γη, simply means Earth in Greek and it is our connection to the Earth as Pagans that often is the motivation behind how we conduct ourselves. This is integral to the Pagan tendency to be involved in environmentalism because many of us are of the understanding that being good to the Earth is no different than being good to ourselves. By “eating Gi” we’re literally eating the Earth (or, rather, her fruits).
  • Over at WitchMom blog, Lily Shahar Kunning postits some strong expressive values ranging from neopagan fundamentalism to equality with the gods. It’s a great and challenging overview.
  • At Inspired by Life Stacy raises the valid question about the ethics of Wiccaning: do we have the right to decide another person’s religious path?
  • Ava Stone talks about the evolution of her faith to the point where her religious identity has changed.

From catching up on blog posts, I’m amused to see I’ve rattled a few cages. Good. An unrattled cage leaves a complacent beastie, and complacency leads to all sorts of ugly.