#30daysofreading – the crazy s*** I found in my bookshelves

found amidst my books

I kicked off #30daysofreading by cleaning out my bookshelves – and I do still have books available, btw. I will be shipping out those reserved this weekend. Along with a nasty bout of hives (oh the joys of dust mites) I found the above tucked into books I could swear I’ve at least flipped through. This wasn’t all I found that didn’t belong to me – lots of crafter’s business cards made their way in, suggesting several individuals need to examine the “target” part of “target marketing.”  But the above, especially the photo? Not freakin’ clue.

The back of the boat photo says “Royal Viking Crew in Mexico 1983 Guadelope [sic] Island.” It also had a freaky vibe coming off it – you’d think the purple card would be worse – so I shredded it. Too bad, ’cause I’d love to know the story of the shirtless 80s stereotype there. Also, the number above is from before people did area codes, so Amy, wherever she is, I’m sure is safe – and since I’ve owned the book since around 2000, she is probably long gone.

Still, I’ve looked at and moved these books how many times over more than a decade – how is it I’m unearthing this stuff now???