Doctor Who in the USA

Doctor Who 2nd Anniversary Meetup - May 2009

Doctor Who in the USA
– by Diana Rajchel

Out in the land of the [other other] red white and blue
lonely nerds stayed up late to watch Doctor Who;
that others were watching, we never knew
until magically usenet.doctorwho grew.

In our PJs we gathered around PBS
Where the Doctor was going was anyone’s guess
Our guardians snored or watched with us – bless
as we traveled in time to see creatures
not made in US.

The adventures we had we could never share –
Trekkies might notice, but most didn’t care
for shows where green alien chicks were so rare.
Debating Klingon versus Dalek just didn’t seem fair
And really, no other sci fi can exactly compare.

Then the BBC yanked it, the TV dried up
No PBS fund drive was ever enough
to bring back the Doctor – times were quite tough
when BBC licensing had to play rough.

Oh Fox took its shot at the box and the blue
and it wasn’t so awful to viewers brand new
But we lonely nerds in our jammies and tights
Settled for Red Dwarf and Big Finish on Friday nights.

Then in the spring of 2005
the Time War ended – with the Doctor – alive!
His ears were quite wide and he now preferred blondes,
but none of that mattered –
new adventures were on!