4 lines of poetry

I’m mucking around with my poetry files while I also write through the long string of revisions and fact checking for Divorcing a Real Witch.

By the way, I need a documentary partner – seriously. I’ll write another post with more details on that down the line.

I don’t remember how this particular poem came up, and I plan to add more. It rhymes – something frowned upon by contemporary poets, which I take as absolute encouragement to continue. Something in me wants to weave American folk magic with what I know of British folk magic in there. I’m already stealing from Shakespeare, after all.


Eye of newt – by Diana Rajchel

Eye of newt is a root.

Toe of frog – break from a log.

Boil and bubble cleans the wound,

This way illness is consumed.

copyright applies. Ask first, I’m still working on this.