5 Boxes of Books just went out of my house

Books go bye bye. @jamuraa swears he knew I was the girl for him when I tried to break into a bookstore on our 2nd date. Killing that vibe now.

There are actually five full boxes of books leaving my house today.


Books are status objects, just as much as brand names on jeans and flashy cars. They’re unique in that they can place your status in extremely effective ways – or completely undo whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. My severe – and I mean severe – dust allergy is forcing me to let go of my books. Digital is a huge boon to me. Ultimately, though, it’s an exercise in non-attachment. I don’t need people in my home to see I’m well read. Now I can just point to my Goodreads account.

On the one hand, I’ll be sad. On the other hand, if I haven’t re-opened a book in years, then I’m just keeping it to show people that I read. I own an e-reader, an Ipad and I have a regular book review gig. Keeping the old stuff proves nothing. Also, I’d prefer to stop getting hives from one of my favorite pastimes.