72 – the meaning of life, the universe, and everything +30?



I plan to go into more detail soon, but I’ve been ….well, I wouldn’t say “working with omens,” as it seems the omens come to me without my bidding. Still, now that I’m back to relatively normal, non-nightmare sleep after about three years, both my dreams and my waking life seem to hold more symbolic messaging than they did before. Perhaps I’m just paying more attention, but I doubt it. I somehow didn’t even realize Mike ate an entire basket of fries during Doctor Who meetup until we got the bill – and this was with him sitting right next to me. This doesn’t signal heightened attention in any way.

Today, I woke up from a dream with the number “72” lodged firmly in my head. My father died at 75, so that’s not it. Mike’s personal numerology is a 7, and mine is arguably a 2 or an 11 – most interpreters say I’m an 11 because nothing about me appears Moon-ruled. In fact, of all the tarot and planetary aspects, I daresay the Moon is to this day the one I don’t understand because I share so few characteristics with it. In the dream, I somehow wound up counseling two couples because one partner mishandled the other partner’s  bereavement. Obviously, it’s a metaphor for Mike and me, but I got the sense that these were actual other people because they talked about themselves and their personal story a lot more than my spouse and I talk about ours. (I don’t think anyone has ever actually asked us how we met, for instance.) I haven’t ruled out the possibility it’s a message moving forward, or a comment on circumstance rather than partnership.

The trouble is, most of the stuff I’m finding takes apart Biblical numerology. Since it’s all Revelations/End-Times stuff, maybe it’s just a subconscious reaction to all the rapturing news. Certainly I had an emotional reaction to it – aggravation at more hatemongering by the “believers” and at some of the more hate-filled and less humor-filled behavior of “non-believers,” and fear for those about to destroy their own lives over it – but I don’t think Jehovah’s flashing me a bat signal, and if he was he should have the courtesy to check in with my patron god and the other gods I’m working with at the moment.  I know they’ve all met and annoyed each other, so there’s really no excuse.

I’ll keep fishing, and meditating on a series of associations may bring me to some answer.  Most omens for me come out not as predictive but descriptive – a simple indicator of what’s going on right now. While most focus on myself and what I put out into the world, it can also send signals that correspond with the personalities around me. I’ll go into that more shortly.

There is a pool of symbols and associations together, and that is why I keep the Magician’s Companion and 777 on hand.