A coming feature on my writer’s website

Every year I’m kind of proud of what I’ve come up with for my personal website design, and then it gets to a year later and I suddenly realize that holy crap, it’s a hot mess. I also still wonder who the hell visits personal websites anymore – the way I use the Internet I’m either buying something or reading a blog with a few variations involving forums and fandoms. ((I’m also in the market for a new really good forum – I haven’t found one that captures my interest since Daria fandom 2001, in any genre/interest.))

Still, since it’s necessary for any artist who wants attention or the possibility of a third party publishing work, I’m sucking it up and continuing with that old habit of personal websites. It isn’t like Medea’s Chariot way back when when I was passionately writing short articles of dubious accuracy every night, but it’s something. I also wanted to make it something a little different that is pagan-friendly and fun but still kind of useful.

Which is when I came up with short meditation movies. It turned out my husband had the same idea in the back of his mind: he had also wanted to tape short, soothing things. The idea is that you can pull up my site during the workday (unless you’re horribly firewalled) and watch a soothing visual that helps you get back to whatever you intended to do – just in a calm mood.

The above was taken on a hike in Hawaii. Hawaii has great hiking. I did not have great hiking shoes. Still, there were lots of soothing and lovely visuals I was able to get on my digital camera and on my Flip (TM).

Just thought I’d share. I’m making some nice progress on the site offline, but who knows what bugs I’ll find when I upload it.