A few more values

I have some personal values that I would not consider universal to all Pagans, but that I do find important enough to look for in those I call friends. I think these make an important difference in my life, and can improve the lives of others around me, too.

Curiosity, and Wonder – to greet new ideas with exploration rather than immediate fear and/or negativity. A basic desire to see where things go, to fall down the rabbit hole and to explore unknown worlds. I really think it’s a must for any competent witch.

Positivity – this is not “I never get angry” or “I’m blissful.” Positivity is hard work, not Pollyanna-esque optimism. It’s working to find the good in a situation, but also to make good where a situation is bad. This is where you can bitch and bitch about the people you can’t control, or you can plan for the situation as a whole without overfocusing on individuals, personalities or pettiness.

Open-Mindedness – this likely pairs with curiosity, but doesn’t. There are of course limits on this, but it is the ability to listen to and genuinely consider a foreign idea. While I may not accept the new idea, I will at least listen to it, and in some situations try out the idea to see if it works. But I will not just assume something “won’t work” or is “pointless.” I allow for the potential to be surprised.

These are traits I uphold as values personal to myself, and values I look for in friends. It’s taken me a long time to distill what I look for, but now I know it it really does make a significant different to me in whom I choose to befriend.