A Letter to Identified Patient Voice

The Arts Factory

from my 2013 Las Vegas vacation

Dear Identified Patient Voice:

Thank you for your “concerns.” I have considered them; I suggest the next course of action be that you bend over backwards and fuck yourself with a hammer. It is remarkable, how any act that might grant me independence, success or new opportunities is the one that you need to have a “serious talk with me about.” Even though you can supply no factual evidence for your points, your recommendation is always that I withdraw from my course of action immediately lest unnamed – and totally unidentified – disaster befall me. It seems that my long history of sensibility, reliability and organization are no matter to you – you persist in behaving as though I will fall apart at any time, conforming to the spiteful, fictional image of myself you have arranged in your head rather than the highly competent reality before you.

Your next favorite point of “worry” is when, after I say something about someone that violates my boundaries, you suggest that I need to be “more tolerant” when it is clearly my tolerance that allowed this person to think I make a good abuse target. Notably when you are the source of this violation, you insist that I’m just “seeing it wrong.” Yes, that is what a criminal would say. Decent human beings actually don’t presume themselves to be on the side of the angels all the time – only the rotten criminals like you assume you’re always right, justified and excused. You are wholly culpable in our blowouts.  Your denial of your full responsibility in them is because you are, in fact, not just crazy, but evil.

Fuck off, you horrid beast.




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