A list of weird things today

  1. A lady at the bank demanded we back up our car while waiting in line for the ATM. We actually left several feet of space, and we would have had to back out onto the street to satisfy her.
  2. I got gum stuck in my hair. I’m 35, and this is the first time this has ever happened. My first aid kit in the car has scissors, so that was fixed fast.
  3. For some reason, FourSquare set Mike and I both to South Korea.
  4. Saw a guy at Sam’s Club saran wrapped to a pole. I once assisted in duct taping a football player that had harassed all of us high school nerds to the end of our tolerance. The kid did not seem to see in the humor in nerds avenging themselves in packs. He actually seemed frightened by the idea. He was wrapped to the pole for charity, however, so I left a donation.

Venturing out for some art supplies and a cupcake now. I need to write up my experience at T. Thorn Coyle’s talk and book signing yesterday; I surprised myself by going instead of surrendering to the weather. I’m glad I did.