A list to get me through today

List of works by Alphonse Mucha
List of works by Alphonse Mucha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • I love the artwork of Alphonse Mucha.
  • Just knowing someone like Leonardo Da Vinci existed inspires me.
  • The cheap perfume Muguet still makes me tear up and smile.
  • Since meeting Mike, I love penguins even more. I just don’t want to decorate our home with them – they rapidly become like Tribbles.
  • I have come to understand why I am so anti-competitive and why that’s one of my best qualities.I am finally holding my own when playing Scrabble with my partner.
  • I am so busy because people want me around. That’s not new – but my understanding it is.
  • It doesn’t matter if what I do looks frivolous. It brings a little bit of joy to the world – and happy people are the ones most inclined to do good.
  • I have a fireplace. I can’t burn stuff in it but it’s still an excellent space heater and wonderful for scrying.
  • I do have something to say – so my inner critic can piss off.
  • I have been to Paris. I will always have that. Europeans will roll their eyes, but few of them get that I live in a country the size of Europe and a chunk of Asia. It’s going to take serious effort to see all the major points of my own country … and getting out of it takes a lot of work and financial planning. Going to Paris was a privilege – but it was also an achievement hard-earned. Yes, I did work on learning French before I went. I’m a US Citizen, not a jingo.
  • I have the principles of the Artist’s Way to ground me, because I live in a world with Julia Cameron in it. That’s pretty cool.