A new documentary on neopaganism in the US

Grabbed from the Wild Hunt. I often forget that there is a real element of danger to the religion I practice – that any neopagan practices – and the danger comes not from ourselves but from those around us. Certainly I have had to stand up to family, but because I do not have children and because I am self-employed there’s relatively little that people can do to me these days. Even so, I did experience hostility from some corners in the past. All were dealt with, efficiently, and in one case where normally bigotry would run rife – at the local phone company I worked for briefly – I found myself supported by the most religiously conservative of the staff members, thanks to another out witch who used her outness abusively.

I left a coven in part because not only did they want me to go back in the broom closet, they wanted me to stop writing. I had been publishing for well over five years ((this year marks my tenth year of publishing on occult subjects)), ran a rather large website and appeared in occasional columns in the Star Tribune. There was no unringing that bell regardless of what those people wanted. ((There was also a certain contempt for my citizenship, age and basic ability to read and cross the street safely that went from good-natured to mean-spirited and eventually drained my tolerance.))

The US, unfortunately, does have viciously narrow-minded people in it, but most are really easy to unplug. Just bear in mind: you can’t ignore them, you have to confront them the second they pull crap with you. Bullies are an example, after all, of minority rule – a school might only have one, but it’s enough, because no one thinks to band together to take the motherfucker down.

In Minneapolis “outness” isn’t much of an issue. Everybody’s out around here, whatever there is to be out, most of the time. It’s part of the draw. It’s definitely part of what drew me here.

This documentary looks really good to me; I hope it comes out well!