A quick update – because there’s a lot to update

My web page and this blog are getting a bit out of date. I’m still working on Divorcing a Real Witch, and my publisher O Books is awaiting it soon. I’m also working with Fat Chic differently from how I have in the past, and yes, I am juggling both. I also have six work-for-hire contracts with Llewellyn Annuals, and this weekend is the big 5 year anniversary bash for my Doctor Who meetup.

None of the things I’ve been working on have been easy. I HAVE had help along the way, for which I am truly and deeply grateful. I also have a lot to do yet – some of it to make my life easier, some to make marketing the book easier, and some to make stuff happen. My website needs an update – and while I am stumbling around in Dreamweaver, I can’t really call myself skilled there. The static pages here need an update – more people are asking about the upcoming book. This blog has a bout 20 long-essay posts in the queue. There’s always more to do.

I’m so looking forward to my vacation in August.

For this week, with the big anniversary thing coming on Saturday, I’m a touch distracted. I’m also trying to leave details to my team to work out. It’s not the end of the world if things aren’t perfect, even if there are people who might react that way – that’s not on me.

Next week I’m probably going to run Fat Chic on autopilot (until Spring Fashion Week starts) and try to get some of this contract writing done. I’m nervous about everything. Definitely tell me if you want to help me out with book marketing.


Doctor Who?
Doctor Who? (Photo credit: skuds)
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