A recipe that will get you bees

So, the bees hovering outside my window buzzing loudly had a rather mundane explanation. It both reassures me while leaving me somewhat annoyed with myself. Yet I also feel a little like it’s a Catch-22.  Last month my neighbors were burgled while they slept on the next floor by a local theft ring. Since we share a wall with those neighbors, my well set hackles went up more than they might have ordinarily. Along with locking all my doors and windows at night, etc. I decided to add a little oomph by using some homemade 4 Thieves vinegar to wash the windows and the wooden windowsill. I got ambitious and even washed the outside (which really needed washing anyway.)

4 Thieves Vinegar

End result?

Bees. Bees buzzing loudly wanting to know where the grapes they were smelling were hidden.

While the little panhandlers would have annoyed me anyway, something about vinegar hits their ganglia like meth – they were aggressive little panhandlers.

With stingers.

And it’s relatively unclear whether I am actually allergic to the bastards.

So, uh, yeah … I really need to chill my paranoia. My prevention efforts are getting me bees.

Also, for those bound to ask:

4 Thieves Vinegar Recipe

The basics of 4 thieves vinegar is that it must use vinegar as a base and have 4 herbs, one of which must be as much garlic as you can jam in there. I buy the long stemmed garlic at a local Farmer’s Market and shove in all my leftover peelings and skins, along with any leftover cloves. I also consider wormwood to be a second requirement – despite its hallucinatory reputation, it’s quite the powerful herb when it comes to detoxification. You likely have been giving your pets wormwood for years – and c’mon, we actually do know when dogs and cats start tripping balls.  The other two herbs are your choice; usually it’s best to choose something medicinal (clove is cheap and underrated) or something protective.


white (grape) vinegar (yes, that stuff above started off as clear liquid)

  • garlic
  • wormwood
  • jalapeno peppers/ghost chilis (I grew them as an inset deterrent in my garden and wound up with quite the pileup.)
  • rue – it’s rather mythical. Vervain also does in a pinch.

Fill a glass container with the herbs, mostly garlic but whatever you’d like of the rest. Seal it off. It’s OK to store this one in direct light – the heat from the sun gets more volatile oil out of the herbs. Shake once or twice a day. At the end of a week or two, strain the herbs and pour the liquid into a different container.


  • Polish for untreated wood
  • Window cleanser (except for when bees are around)
  • Half of a vinaigrette dressing
  • Rinse for your hair


Vinegar is famously versatile – so much so that just about every craft and herbal blogger ever gets a post or ten out of it.




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