A round of little things happening

This Mercury Retrograde has been surprisingly active for me. It makes me wonder what’s coming when it ends around May 11th. This reminds me, I still need to read my AstrologyZone forecast. While I don’t subscribe to astrology as an answer in all things, I approach it more as a weather report that sometimes just misses, Susan Miller’s abilities and accuracies continue to astonish me.

Among the things accomplished/set in motion thus far:

  • I’ve accepted a contract to write an article for the back of the Witches’ Calendar for Llewellyn It’s 2010, so I think it may be a 2012 calendar. My main concern is that, given I’m writing about SmartPhones, the technology might outpace the publication. Then again, neopagans as a group tend to either be earlier adopters or extremely late adopters with very little middle ground.
  • The first draft for Divorcing a Real Witch was completed around April 28th. I’m now in the process of researching the market (it changed on me, as markets do) and crafting the most compelling query letter and proposal I can muster. While completely non-traditional in this subculture, it’s not unheard of for Pagan writers to take agents. I’m choosing that route.

    There’s a lot of rewriting to do, and a survey to release – watch this space for said survey. I’m also going to muster up an article for Witch’s Voice that will hopefully a)fit whatever’s passing for a theme these days and b)will draw attention to my project.

  • I’ve also started a Facebook group about myself, as part of persuading an agent that yes, people want to read my stuff. I’m encouraging two things: one, that you recommend it to anyone you know who is neopagan of any type and who has gone through a divorce, and two, that you get on there and use the “discussion” section to talk about whatever you want, whether that’s recipes, politics or religion.
  • As a sidebar to the book project, I am also looking towards crafting a mini-documentary on divorced Wiccans/neopagans. I will probably post some interviews on Youtube, but the entirety of the work on blip.tv or vimeo when the time comes. If you know of people in my area willing to be interviewed or someone really worthy of Skype, let me know.
  • The biggest news of the moment is regarding my plus size fashion blog, Fat Chic. At the beginning of next month, Lane Bryant is flying me out to their headquarters along with other plus size fashion bloggers. I will get to see their upcoming clothing line, network with other people who do what I do for a living, and hopefully enjoy myself. Since all the cool kids in plus blogging are doing conferences and picking up magazine gigs these days, I admit I was getting a little jealous. But I also don’t do outfits of the day as liberally as the rest – I frankly resent certain readers looking at it as an opportunity to criticize me for not sharing their sense of style. It takes a certain vision to recognize good style that just isn’t the way you would wear it. In many ways the conversations are reminiscent of explaining to hardcore monotheists why their holy book is completely irrelevant to you and certainly not a valid basis for a reasoned argument.
  • So yes, I’m hurtling down the path towards something happening, whatever that may be.

    Also, I decided not to do a post about it, but I did want to point to Diana Gabaldon’s comments on fanfiction. The general consensus is that fanfic is only illegal when the copyright holder objects. While I can’t speak for all creative people, I know that Joss Whedon has actually supported fanfic, and the reason the Doctor Who universe was resurrected is because fans kept it going with Big Finish Audio (now canon.) I’ll talk more about this in the future, first because I do write some for TV shows I love, but also because a lot of people misunderstand what fanfiction can really do for your writing. Do not assume because someone writes fanfic that they are a beginner even when the fanfic is awful.

    So that’s what’s rolling right now. It looks like a lot, but trust me, it’s all done in very small daily steps so I can still wash dishes and fold laundry.