A small links round-up

I’m coining the term “paganosphere.” There’s a decent chance someone else has done the same already. You know why.

So, from the paganosphere:
There’s some really good talk about why financial/money magic typically fails. It actually explains a lot to me. Rune Soup approaches it from the “magically blocked” aspect. I particularly liked the assertion that “magic has not gotten more corporate – corporate has gotten more magical.” There’s still a certain us vs. them thinking when it comes to certain classes of neopagans and the corporate world that completely overlooks that those corporations are composed of individuals who are all, essentially, us. Strip the labels and all you’ve got is teeming humans.

Ananke, Greek goddess of necessity

In fact, the reasoning for the Ganesha work above is about the same as my reason for performing routine uncrossing rituals. It’s mostly just about clearing the muck I tracked in myself.  Strategic Sorcery also talks explicitly about why people fail at financial magic. To really get it, you must divorce yourself completely from certain aspects of monotheist worldview: in this case, the gods are individuals and ethnocentric in their own right. I think there are many levels to this whole “God” thing, and it makes sense: the more specifically you address your petition, the more you better tailor it to that individual. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been digging through Theoi.com and trying to match it up with some books since January: since when I do work with individuated gods I generally go Greek, I’ve had the longstanding impression I’ve been sending my petitions to the wrong address. It looks like that feeling is right.

For fellow writers:

In a reprise of last year, May is International Pagan Values Month. Pax at Chrysalis blog invites us to blog about our values and to share them. My intention to write about ghosts of relationships past is starting to look like it makes a better screenplay or offbeat chick-lit book, but may crop up here anyway since what I’ve discovered about my actual values came out mostly through my relationships.

The Executive Pagan is seeking contributions for a devotional anthology to Cernunnos/the Horned One. ((Do NOT confuse with Pan.))

It’s a good time to write off all that inspiration you picked up in the fields last night, hey?