A tool for all the witchy types

So, after putting together a really extensive custom search engine for plus size clothing over on Fat Chic, I got to thinking about all the nifty ways I might apply the technology elsewhere. Along with building myself a private bath and beauty supply listing and attempting to make one unique to my Etsy shop ((the engine for the Etsy shop does not seem to work as I’d hoped)) I decided to make this one for my occasional witch-based shopping needs. While I do use local businesses or make my own supplies a good portion of the time, sometimes it’s nice to just find what I need online.

The engine is by no means comprehensive: I pretty much stuck to shops I’m familiar with, that have a broad or reasonably unique selection, that are Google friendly. This isn’t going to be a great advertising panorama although there are text ads that will pop up in search. If you click them, I get paid, at the advertiser’s expense. Thus, full disclosure is done.

One of the nifty things you can do with Google search that a lot of pagan shoppers will appreciate is search by price. So if you want a beeswax candle between $5 and $20 type in beeswax candle $5..$20 and an appropriate list will come up.

So happy shopping! I’ve added this engine to a handy sidebar widget on my page (next I need to get some of my author’s links back in as they disappeared the last time I upgraded the page layout.) But, here it is, for your convenience and my own.