A very simple clarification on my beliefs about sex and sex magic

Sex magic works. Boy howdy does it work.  Sex, magical and recreational, I believe also comes with a secondary consequence that I somehow keep failing to elucidate.

It’s this:

You absorb traits from whoever you have sex with. There is no prophylactic for this. Even if you can prevent babies and disease, you can’t control personality bleed.

That’s why it’s SO important NOT TO HAVE SEX WITH JERKS.

I’ve phrased this delicately many times over.

Attraction does not render us helpless or brainless, although touch starvation can create some unholy messes. If you have sex with low quality people over time you yourself become low quality. If you can be promiscuous with awesome people, great! However, the screening time it takes between awesome and not!awesome tends to slow down the most determinedly promiscuous to the point where it’s not promiscuity at all.

So yes, personality can be a sexually transmitted disease. Better to have sex with people that have non-sexual personality qualities you admire – besides, the good ones are always willing to learn to be better in bed.