A view from the Falls

Minnehaha Falls May 2011

One of the more interesting and lesser known aspects of Minneapolis is how much green space the city has. The waterfall above is actually part of a state park that rests inside city limits. It’s a deceptively huge park, with two levels and a back trail that leads all the way to the Mississippi River. Every year it looks a little different. This year, the water runs fast and hard. All the snowfall and the extended winter have left a lot of water to flow back into the weather cycle; in times of rush and rage like this, I try to give my own rush and rage to it because I know it will bounce down to the Gulf of Mexico in no time. In other years, I’ve seen it at a trickle, the stream so thin that you get none of those white splashy layers that arise from bouncing water.


The falls are also treacherous, and some local magical folks believe the site houses faery activity. It wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve had some strange things happen when out in the falls during twilight, and I can’t be the only one.
I did something very much like what you see the person in the shadows doing in the picture below – and given how slippery and muddy the falls get, I do not recommend this.