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Diana Rajchel lives at the western edge of San Francisco, right by the Pacific Ocean and the wilds of Golden Gate park. She currently runs the Bay Bridge Pagan Society, a social-only group that encourages Pagans of different traditions to come together in fellowship or at the very least recipe-swapping. While she does hold a 3rd degree elevation in a Wiccan tradition (Shadowmoon) she finds her priestess calling leads her much more to community outreach and real life integration than it does to covening.

While she hates camping, she loves nature – and sees urban life as an often overlooked opportunity for magical and spiritual experience. Rajchel has a long history of community organizing and interconnection in her former beloved community in Minneapolis, MN. At present she runs the Emperor Norton Bay Bridge Pagan Social near Seacliff in San Francisco.

Beyond her life as a witch, she is a devoted lifelong geek – one of the nerds that earned the title and the status by suffering for it in high school. She considers the Twin Cities Doctor Who meetup and its large membership one of her best accomplishments in community-building.

She has written on subjects witchy and esoteric since 1999, with work included in Circle Magazine, SageWoman, the Beltane Papers, and in Pagan anthologies here and there. She is represented by Red Sofa Literary Agency.

Some of the things she says are in fact intentionally hilarious but most of the time…it’s just her.