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This is an entry for the AbsoluteWrite blog chain. At the end of this entry, you can follow links to what my fellow writers are contributing.

“But it’s bullshit!”

She actually stomped her foot. I didn’t even see three year olds do that. “OK, why is it bullshit?”

“Why should what I wear make a different in whether or not I get promoted?”

I wanted to say I don’t know honey, it’s corporate. It’s what she wanted me to say. But I couldn’t do it. I knew why, and since I didn’t have the “make it easier on myself” impulse that the rest of humanity seemed to enjoy, I tried to explain without diving into layer after cultural layer. “It’s about demonstrating you’re serious about your job. Clothing is a language.”

“But that’s shallow!”

In my opinion, clothing used as a second nonverbal language is anything but shallow, especially when used for means more ambitious than signaling sexual availability. But she wasn’t prepared for that conversation – most people never are. “It is what it is. If you want to move up, you need to dress the part.” I couldn’t think of a simple way to put it, and I didn’t like the sudden role of having to persuade her of something that I thought most colleges taught when they did the job placement coaching at the end of the senior semester.

She stomped off, and I sighed. It was yet another demonstration that I was SO not Gen Y, and barely a thread hanging on to Gen X, where we wanted to be cooler than the Boomer, but were just getting to old and too smart to go with it. Someday, she might learn – it wasn’t about breaking the rules or knowing what rules to break. It was following the rules like a string in a maze, and throwing in your own knots. You didn’t get the scissors to clip the rules until you’d been to the end of the thread and back a few times.


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