American Idol GHOST???

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this is not footage of Phyllis

I love the National Enquirer. I only read a copy earlier this month, for the first time since childhood, when my dad would bring home all the gossip rags from the checkout counter. He would claim that he liked their fad diet coverage as it always came out before mainstream media picked up the story, but really, I think some part of him always wished he’d gone ahead with the Hollywood biz. Maybe they used to write about friends of his – not that he’d ever ‘fess up to who those celebrities might have been.

While it’s not nearly as fun as Weekly World News – to abandon celebrity in search of the batshit weird takes a kind of flair no other publication could pull off – I think that the Enquirer gives its nods here and there, but alas, can’t stray to far from it’s celebrity tether. So finding a blip in the Jun 15 issue for the Idol mansion’s “Phyllis the ghost” is sort of awesome, and gives me a warm fond fuzzy for WWW and for my departed dad.

Other blogs have of course picked this up – CelebGlitz, after stating “there’s something weird…no, not Paula…” and supposedly it rose up and attacked a stage manager out of some mad crush on Ryan Seacrest. Whether that’s really the motivation (Seacrest? Really, ephemeral personage of ectoplasm?) or whether it’s simple bad luck/the direct result of sticking people prone to generating angst and drama in one house, it’s vastly amusing to me. Joel McHale should have a field day with this.


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