An actual email to Ed Financial

So the federal government moved student loans over to a new broker. The company that runs it SUCKSI can’t tell if they just didn’t train a single person on their staff in the basics of customer service – i.e. actually read, actually listen – or if it’s some grand conspiracy to screw as many people as possible into paying as many late fees as possible.

This is the second email I’ve sent them. The third, if you count my email to the Secretary of Education about the appallingly bad service. At this point, I’m thinking of writing to Money Magazine and the Consumerist.

Normally I’m a “nice goes a long way” person, but at this point, it’s about as effective as being nice to someone who works for the DMV – as in, it’s not.

Actual letter sent today:

I contacted you last week about being unable to log in to my account. In a fantastic testament to the quality of your customer service, you sent your response via electronic correspondence … when I CAN’T LOG IN TO THE ACCOUNT TO SEE THE MESSAGE.

For who knows what reason, you do not have my correct social security number on file, and my phone calls on a weekly basis seem to coincide with the computer system always being “down.” Logging in later is not serving me – my information is still wrong. Yet somehow my student loan bills find their way to me.

Here’s hoping that someone actually reads this contact, rather than sending a form letter to an account I CAN’T LOG IN TO.