An Addendum to Perfectly Nice People

Here’s one I’ve witnessed and experienced that was left out of the original post How perfectly nice people contribute to rape and molestation:


  • Think about what this will do to his/her life.
  • Think about what this will do to his children.
  • What if it was your brother/father/sister/mother – how would you feel?

Odds are, if a person with children commits rape outside the home, that person is also engaging in violence inside it. Rape does more than just damage the skin – it does measurable neurological damage. That damage will last the rest of the victim’s life; some are lucky and can get treatment for the PTSD and worse that follows . Most are not so lucky – and most of that foul luck is the fault of irresponsible and lazy community response to the crime, or worse, outright community enabling of the criminal. So to be concerned about “what might happen to a rapists life” is just violence masquerading as an appeal for compassion. It’s unacceptable.

As to the “what if it’s your mother/brother/whatever..” Well, even monsters have mothers. Often those mothers are monsters, too. There is a reason that working moral systems elevate justice over love. It may not be your fault that you love someone evil, but it doesn’t entitle you to allow innocents to suffer. If you make that demand – if you see your brother do evil and you try to interfere with his or her punishment – you are directly participant in that evil.

This is the ONE AREA OF MORALITY WHERE THERE ARE NO SHADES OF GREY. Why is this so difficult for so many people to understand?