Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Starting to wonder if these little letters home should double as evening to-do lists, much as my morning pages serve as morning to do lists. Today was something of a bust, with only a 50% success rate.

I needed to do two things:

1)cancel our Comcast server

and 2)retrieve our electric car from the car delivery service.

These things did not quite happen as intended.

So, yesterday, no writeup because mental and physical exhaustion won. Mike and I both contracted some random illness and were wandering around the rental market of San Francisco under the burden of nasty colds. On top of this, Mike decided to play the open house game (a game which we are going to either stop playing or not play before 2 pm on a weekend if I have any say) and so we were forced to bounce through bizarre situations with our combined wits at about 75%. There were two places I liked, but both required deeper compromises than I care to make. The first place I liked was just… old. It also had an opera singer living upstairs, which could get hairy on weekends. I’ve never cared for the way some of these landlords carve up old Victorians into bizarre configurations just to shove more renters in. I’d rather they just charge more for the footage and encourage builds in Daly City. Carve ups like what I’m seeing are a common practice in Mankato and Saint Paul, too – and I really dislike the landlords that do it. There’s only thought to the money you might charge for such a place, rather than to what the people crammed within it have to live with as a result of real estate avarice. Even so, it was pretty good for having a bizarre layout. The second place I liked was right across from the beach, with a beach view. Its chief problem was that it lacked space, storage, and we also would have to deal with in-unit laundry. Mike had a concern as it’s a long way from any company bus stops. But there was a light rail station right there, end of the line. I loved it, loved the location, loved the feel, but it would demand one hell of a lot of sacrifices of comfort.  Mike was hesitant even though I really did want to write a check on the spot. Having had time to regroup and get more fluids and cold meds, I have to agree. I need my all of it to be just a bit more modern. If I have to live in an apartment, it needs to be very, very modern. I can tolerate older if I am getting an entire house to myself.

I know two things from yesterday’s rejects: 1)I absolutely DO NOT want my landlord living with me on the premises. In both cases, it was a Russian couple. In both cases, there were… problems. Things I was seriously not cool with. One I think was tacitly asking me if I was available for babysitting. No, absolutely not! The other one showed us an underground apartment still inhabited by unmoving college students that reeked of dog and cat – not a good place to live for someone like me, getting allergy shots that include dog and cat dander.

Here’s the evolving vision for what I’m looking for:

  • If it’s older, it needs to be the entire house, plus the garage. I would prefer not to have to spring for a washer/dryer but I will. What’s important is that we can install a fast charger for our car.
  • If it’s an apartment, it needs to be newer and have decent closet space. These buildings that are less than ten years old with 1950s size closets are simply inexcusable.

I’m just fine with Outer Sunset, or Richmond, or Twin Peaks, or wherever. As long as I’m in the city I can get to what I want to within a reasonable time frame.

So what’s in the city that I’m so determined about?

1. Sewing lessons I can actually afford.

2. Wednesday meditations at the public library.

3. YMCA locations with morning, afternoon, and evening classes that all interest me.

Since Mike may be getting home late-ish, the goal of 2 exercise classes per day seems pretty darned reasonable to me.

Also, Mike with a remote has convinced me we must continue with a la carte television. It may be the single most irritating thing I have had to deal with in years. Although it reminds me that I really should set the DVR we have here for Haven.

As for today – well, trying to get the car delivered turned into a three stooges routine. As it was, I met Zach in the leasing office. He is from South Dakota, and seems like a friendly enough guy. He reassured me that I will have no regrets about my move come December. Right then, I was mostly concerned that Hekyll and Jekyll had abandoned my Nissan Leaf in front of the wrong apartment.

I also found yesterday that the workout clothing I took care to throw in the suitcases disappeared altogether. So I am having to wait for a Target delivery before I can hit the weight room/dance studio in the complex.

Starting the slow road to meeting people. I’ve said yes to two friendly meets this week even though it feels more than a little too soon. I’m getting asked a lot of questions I thought I’d answered already

Really, if San Jose had “called” me first, I’d probably want to stay here. It’s much easier to find a nice place to live. This complex alone is designed to facilitate interaction. But there’s an insistent part of me that really believes that there’s a mid-size place in San Francisco waiting for me, if I just look in the right manner. Of course, the ones I actually want to look at are closed to private appointments by 6 pm and are not available on weekends. It’s all quite maddening. I hate the idea of going without Mike, but if I have to I have to. At least we got my data plan rebooted after I did something stupid that got it throttled.  So yeah – today, 50% success rate. But there’s vacuuming finished, laundry done, and leftover KFC for dinner. So all that is something, I hope.