Artist’s Date – Art in Bloom (SLIDESHOW)

I try to make the most of my MIA membership, and swing by the museum around once a month. While I still wish that Minnesota Association of Museums would create some sort of “all museums in the city” membership, I understand how that might get sticky when it came to monetary distribution – or get outrageously expensive.

Most of the time, at least one artist’s date per month defaults to the MIA. Sometimes I worry at the monotony, and I get weirdly possessive/resentful of the crowds from time to time. I’m working on becoming calmer about this. I share the world with other people. The entire point of my ridiculously luxurious apartment ((by global, not North American standards)) is that it is the one space on Earth I’m not expected to share. So I need to suck it up – or just suck it – when I go out in public. Besides, from their point of view, I’m the weird lady underfoot – and with a damn camera, at that. Many of these self-same people come home and stare at one image after another, gobbling up what we photographers do, and perhaps some take time to become conscious of the payback made.

I had some interesting thoughts while on this particular artist’s date that I wish I’d written down. The one sticking with me, I’ll do a post on: it’s on the eternal bugaboo of whether money defines a real artist. (Predictable news flash: it doesn’t.)

In the meantime, I thought I’d share here some of the pretty pictures. I did the ENTIRE session using only manual settings on my camera, and no flash at all. I am uploading these without edits, so you’re seeing the raw results of my work. Also, I know people have mixed feelings about slideshows. Given the volume of photos I want to share, it makes the most sense. I’m doing this in part to test how the feature works on the Livejournal relay.

Just a few notes, as looking at the pictures reminds me of my experience (obviously.)

  • I found I mostly preferred the floral arrangements that either accented the art, or created impressions of it through the shape of the botanicals alone. Not to say there weren’t a few “prop” style ones I liked, I just felt like the arrangements with physical props drawn directly from the artwork was somehow “cheating” such as those that used vases that looked like the art, or those that used physical props like the skates. I am consciously aware that interpretation need not carry rules, but I became aware of my personal preference for subtlety in art – and limited or no subtlety in human interaction.
  • In the room with the projection screen of flowers, a girl was kneeling in front of the projector while wearing a T-shirt that said “I’m not Opinionated.” I was hoping to get a shot, but she moved out of the way. This is one of the rare cases where I even consider photographing anyone under 18 deliberately.
  • In the room with the abstract art, a girl was telling her older relative (female relative did not respond like a mother, but it’s hard to say) that she made paintings just like the ones she saw in school. She even had some comments about structure and process.
  • I’m still in the technical learning phase of my photography, and this exercise was all about using manual, no flash in a building with a lot of variable lighting conditions. Because it was crowded, I often had to take a less than optimal spot for getting a photo without people in it, and sometimes it just wasn’t possible. While I left out most of the macro shots, I may load a different slideshow with those, or just mete them out in individual photo posts as I am known to do. I opted to establish context shots so you can get a feel for the event, rather than shots that played on composition, especially as that’s on my skill list to master after I get low-light photography as handled as I can. Once I can manage consistently decent, non-blurred shots during Doctor Who meetup, I will move on to the more artistic aspects of photography.
    But it’s still a hobby – no SLR for me.
  • I had forgotten about the Minnesota Herb Society. I’m very interested in them, but the drive out to Chaska concerns me.