Artist’s Way at Work: Hopping on the back of that dragon

I meant it when I said I planned to work through all of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way works. So my next one is The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon. Despite one friend calling me a hippie and telling me to get a job last week (in stressed-out jest) I’ve been blessed with friends that recognize I have a job. In fact, most comment on how I work my ass off. The first few times this happened, I was stunned that my work was recognized. Now, I’m just grateful for it.

Since I’m at a major turning point in my career – I have my first book contract for a nonfiction book, I am writing a novel for Nanowrimo, and I’m really trying to get more short works out in front of eyeballs – I think this will help. I’ve been kicking around seeing a career counselor; the last time I did was pretty fruitless, but I was working in a bizarre field.

So, in response to the Entering the Gate Exercise, I will make my list of emotional clutter:

  • What if I put all this work in on the book and fail?
  • What if I can’t get the documentary off the ground?
  • I’m doing a lot of stuff I’m not paid for. How do I make that work?
  • I’m still facing obstructions from some editors and some writers for no other reason than that I’m younger than they are. It’s especially obvious as the attitudes change when I’m at the point of payment and they see my birth date. It pisses me off.
  • ALL my projects are important, have potential, and could develop. How do I juggle them all?
  • I love the perfumery, and I’ve more or less tabled it – am I betraying people by doing so?
  • I probably need support people I can pay, but I can’t pay them. How do I train them? Find ones on the same wavelength as me? Get them health insurance? Pay them?
  • How will I come up with the money to travel?

These are the big things on my mind going in. I’m going to check back on this when I go out.

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