As to the radio silence, net noise

I’ve received multiple emails from folks that I haven’t answered. It’s more about not having the bandwidth rather than not having the time. Divorcing a Real Witch is in its final draft – emphasis on draft rather than final – and I am consequently taking a short break from it. When the library across the street reopens, I reopen the files on the Book of Doom. In the meantime, I am still collecting survey data – and encouraging Mike to design a program that tabs it into a spreadsheet for me. In the meantime,


About Magickal Realism Perfumery

I’m trying to create some sort of balance between Fat Chic and Magickal Realism. Etsy seems determined to kill the possibility of business for anyone outside of their favored circle, so I may be either shutting down the shop or moving to my own (online) shop soon. Since shows, consignment and wholesale efforts are an enormous waste of money that I just don’t have, don’t expect to see my stuff in a store near you unless you buy it from me and physically carry it in. Right now I’m just attempting to use up the supplies I have onhand. If business spurs in response, great. If not, well, expect a lot of handmade gifts from me in the future. I’m on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule at this point; Tuesdays I promote, Thursdays I make stuff, both days I try to write something for the blog.


About Fat Chic

I think I may eventually sell Fat Chic; I’ve been viewing it as a sort of fixer-upper property. I realize that I can imagine possibilities for a blog that makes me unique as a blogger, and I want to take advantage of that. This may, however, take years. I had an epiphany today while out filming the first of my interviews concerning plus-size oriented businesses in the Twin Cities: I still love journalism. It’s my first love. It’s my true love. I actually don’t give a shit if it pays me. I’m happier with Fat Chic when it has a journalistic rather than women’s-mag feel to it. I was already thinking about it as a job in my field opened up (entry level, which may or may not screw me) and I realize that I’m at a unique point in my life where I may actually have the freedom to get back into hard news, at least for a little while. I also encountered some new ideas to make Fat Chic more usable, so again, this “fixing up” may go on for quite awhile.


Pagan Stuff

I’m teaching a workshop at Paganicon the last weekend of March on the Artist’s Way for Magical People. I’m one of the first that day, and while at first I was worried, I realized that it guarantees I’ll get the genuinely interested attending.  If you plan to attend this workshop, please give the Facebook page a click so I can plan accordingly. If you can’t, you still have an opportunity to try it out – I need guinea pigs for a rehearsal run on Sunday, that I will run from my Minneapolis apartment. Comment here if you’re up for it and I’ll follow up with you. Hecklers welcome.

Writing Stuff

I’ll be following up with a post or two about recent publications – I have new stuff out!