Assessment: from year 35 to 36

"A well-dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world." - Louise Brooks

Today, I am 36. I also found out I have the same birthday as Paul McGann (my least favorite Doctor through no fault of his own… Fox networks…) and Louise Brooks. So many people were so caught up in me sharing a birthday with that pratt Prince Charles because my name is Diana that they completely overlooked the interesting people. Then there was the year it came up that birthday had something to do with Hitler…

Between this year’s birthday and last year’s birthday:

  • Fat Chic got a mention in People Style Watch, to go nicely with that New York Times magazine mention last year.
  • I have found a publisher for Divorcing a Real Witch (title now tentative.) It’s up to me to actually finish it, but I’m much more nervous about the documentary portion and marketing. It helps that I’m on my 3rd draft, and it’s mostly refining the writing and fact-checking. I really think that the submission portion is more about me feeling ready to launch the rest of the work than it is about facing a fearsome editor.
  • I’ve been to Paris. That one wasn’t even on my bucket list. This is mostly because I don’t have a bucket list.
  • Mike and I took ballroom dance, couples massage and French together.
  • I have had to get rid of a huge portion of my wardrobe.  Refer to closet collapse mentions.
  • I have kind of kicked the perfume business to the side for now. I love doing it, but I’m following my heart, and my heart wants to write.
  • I’ve gotten myself into a steady 4 days a week habit at the gym, including Pilates.
  • The Doctor Who meetup has grown to more than 350 members. This has more to do with the rising popularity of the show and persistent word of mouth from one of my assistant organizers than it has to do with me, but it’s still nice to see.
  • The re-release of the Spellcasting Picture Book has sold give/take 50 copies. Given it’s unknown, in crayon, and the sort of thing a huge swathe of occult types will not only not get but actively hate, that’s remarkable.
  • I’m 23,000 words into my nanowrimo novel, even with taking a day off here and there. 1700 words a day to get to a novel or finish a project is not bad. I’m pretty sure I can do this!

Given how frustrated and unaccomplished I felt at this time last year, that’s really something!