Black Skull Candles

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A reviewer on FourSquare posted that “Marshall’s is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.” While I don’t think deities are overly concerned about the accessibility of heavily discounted name brand home and clothing items to North Americans suffering from a national stuff-glut, I do have to say that Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and its lesser known offshoot Home Goods is freaking awesome.

Above, you see my latest seasonal find at Home Goods. I plan on buying a box a week for the duration of Halloween season, because – well hell, I’m a witch. There are SO many awesome, non-nefarious uses for tea-light sized black skull candles. In my case, it’s the international symbol of “I am putting an end to this bullshit.” I can also use it to honor the departed, stick a snake pellet in its head to represent or call forward a dramatic transformation (though I’m deeply disinclined towards drama) or just hang out, silently tolerating the relentless rounds of “Alas poor Yoric,” and “To be or not to be,” that makes me wonder what Daria Morgendorffer were say if it were her skull in Hamlet’s hand.

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090611 084I’m getting ready for a big trip this week, which has led to me doing some heavy duty workings. While I can’t share the bulk of them for a long while, I can at least point to the techniques I’m using. For some reason, my poetry muse speaks loudest when I’m writing spells. Now if only we could negotiate a better schedule, as I do need my beauty sleep.