Bombs are bursting in air

Mike and I have enjoyed our Northeast Minneapolis skyline view apartment for four years now. One of the great perks? Possibly the best seat in town for local fireworks displays. It’s amazing what you can see from just the fourth story. We decided to skip the party this year since we were coming in off of a short vacation in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I had hoped to live blog/Tweet much of my experience, as Spring Green has long been a healing place for me to go after and before difficult passages in my life. (This time it was an after.) Apparently that part of rural Wisconsin has weak wireless connections – something I hope they improve, since Mike and I single-handedly created Foursquare entries for most of the town and we are in the art-buying age demographic that needs Foursquare these days. Even at our historic Usonian motel, we barely got a connection. I’ll chalk it up to the land itself insisting I have healing time by taking away one of my primary methods of distracting myself.

It drove me crazy.

I remember a time when even venturing out sans phone was no problem. Clearly, this calls for examination.

The time away from the constant noise, however, helped me to the real source of self-healing: the questions. I learned a long time ago that it’s never about the answers; answers to questions change, and questions like “why?” never get too much further than “because.”

I finally asked myself some of the right questions. Most of them start with “How?”

I’m hoping that the inner movement to the page continues over the next few days, and that I can bring you some Spring Green/tri-county area of Wisconsin posts that relay my experience and hopefully entertain you all.  From fannish weirdness surrounding Frank Lloyd Wright to old men giving me a little shit over my morning doughnuts, it was an experience that like all things in life is both profound and deeply shallow.

In the meantime, here’s a couple shots from tonight. I’m still mastering this particular camera over a year later – that’s how it is for me and photography. The above picture is a shot a tour guide took of Mike and I in Cave of the Mounds.

Normally the dark scares the crap out of me, but for some reason I love caves.