Charlie Horse, I must banish you

Since adolescence, I am prone to Charley Horses. Usually this happens at night, after sleep – and usually after a fair amount of stress that I fail to follow with yoga, deep breathing and a whole lot of stretching. It does happen more when I’m walking more, or doing anything. The first few times I got them, it was treated dismissively. “Oh, it’s just a cramp.”

Mere cramps do not cause me to wake up, screaming and swearing in pain. Mere cramps do not sneak up in me while I’m in the deep end of the pool during water aerobics and scare the living hell out of me (guess what happened Monday – in both legs at the same time?) And apparently there’s been advances – instead of heating my leg, I need to ice it? Heat’s always worked before.

I’m just annoyed because I’m going to have to yet again alter my workout routine, and while I’ve been getting places with it – my arms are showing hints of muscle tone these days – it seems like the to-do list on the stuff I must do for my body is getting as long as it is for my writing career, my perfume business and my education.