this is our holiday decoration

I’ve cleared today’s schedule to get through all the holiday stuff that I can. My schedule is a bit overloaded and the days I set aside to work on Fat Chic weren’t what I’d call “productive.” Maybe it’s burnout I’m not recognizing as such, just because I’ve set up a content production system that works well enough that it can take me months to even notice I don’t have a new idea, and usually something happens in that time to give me a few thoughts to pursue. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter today.

Today, I bake. I clean. I finally give up on all the wine bottles collected for decoupage.  ((I’m not one of those Pagans proud of my drinking proclivities – and I’ve come to think that pride in how much you drink says something bad about you. I just hate to throw stuff away when I might recycle it as an art project, but I also fear becoming a feature on Hoarders
.)) I’ll take care of the family charity gift. In the evening, likely some magic with Brenda. I had an artist’s date planned, but I’ll just have to count yesterday’s surreal adventure at the Store Fixtures warehouse on north Lyndale.

Yesterday turned into a hell where I went to work out, decided to pick up some stuff for the holidays at Savers (a local thrift store chain), and while I did sidetrack a little bit – it’s Savers, after all – it was not to the extent that I wound up delayed in traffic. Highway, streets, it didn’t matter, I was trapped in a no-win thanks to the blizzard last weekend. I arrived for my three months overdue hair appointment twenty minutes late.

There’s a ritual I wanted to do before Samhain, and then the cold set in way early. I may just have to go and do the thing, in the cold, so I can call it done. I’ve got no ideas for actual Solstice observance, and since I’ve had a lingering sinus infection determined to settle in my chest, I’m not about to sit vigil.

The skull is named Bob. He’s more a comment about the Dresden files than he is about the holidays. He also really wanted to hang out by the tree.

Since we live in a smallish apartment, the shadow box/USB route seemed like the lowest hassle/still interesting way to handle holiday decor.