Combining this blog

Dear lovely readers –

I’ve decided to try moving this blog over to Magickal Realism, effective November 1st. I realize that a few readers may not like this – there is a lot of stuff about Etsy, sales, the stuff I physically make over there that especially to the pagan readers I’ve got might seem somehow impure, and it may or may not be a comfort to you to know that a few of my Etsy-based readers might find my approach equally jarring.

But at the moment I have a situation, and I’m trying to do too much stuff at once. The easiest thing for me to do is to combine the blogs so that I’m not constantly neglecting one for the other to the detriment of both. This will also free me up a little bit to spend just that much more time on those books you’ve been wondering when I’d finish. And I think that my perfume followers might want (need?) to know that my universe is larger than my nose.

I practice Wicca in a way I refer to as an integrated lifestyle – yes there are rituals, but it is far from a ritualistic lifestyle. It is a get up in the morning and interact with the divine by living as actively as I possibly can approach. It’s not an approach that typically fits well into how-to articles on applying fire extinguishers to runaway spells. A big part of that to me is creating, writing, making perfume, giving people moments of pleasure that hopefully create a better world. But Wicca is not all that I am, and I don’t think that any religion should encompass the whole of one persona.

And I do think it’s time more people get a real idea of who I am at this time – and I believe the best way to do that is to start writing about a few of my spiritual views and how they integrate with my business views over on Magickal Realism. I’m going to post there when I have a book review printed. I’ve even update my book progress over there.

I will be redesigning this site in January of 2010; move your bookmarks well before then!


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