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New Comment Policy

No comments. We have hit the point where blog comments do nothing to enhance the blog post or the community. You can take it to your own social media channels if you like, but on the blog itself way too many people keep trying to drag the conversation over to their agenda. If you’re going to do that just start your own damn blog.


Former Comment Policy does not print every comment that comes through.

Comments must be:

  • Civil
  • Interesting
  • Contribute to the conversation presented by the blog post.

It is possible to disagree, but the way that argument is presented better come with a great, non-manipulative, subject-oriented presentation.

In other words, “Be Excellent to Each Other.”

Trolls get no voice here whatsoever.

Also, if you are going to threaten Diana with a ban from commenting on your blog it is wise to make sure she’s actually commented and it’s not just a ping.