Commenting about Comments

Two people of a very real and unrobotic nature have reported trouble with the comment feed on this blog. I’ve tested it and it works for me – which of course doesn’t help you guys. I removed Disqus from here awhile ago. It was causing too much confusion with Fat Chic and really, there just isn’t enough comment traffic here to merit an outside comment system.

A few things that might (?) help:

  • Captcha IS turned off here. In its place I have some heavy duty spam filters.
  • I’ve been pretty liberal with adding IPs to the spam blocker. If you try to comment and get blocked, or inadvertently use a lot of words that trigger spam keywords, that might be part of the problem.
  • If you *really* want to comment and can’t here, you can also comment on my Google Plus page or on my FB fan page. You can also always tumblr it and add comments to it that way.
  • I moderate, with prejudice. Any comment that seems trollish, misses my point altogether, tries to hijack my point or that is just not on topic gets nuked.  Comments that make assumptions about me also get nuked – I have to deal with people projecting their issues onto me on a daily basis. I’m not about to welcome that crap to my blog.
  • I’m open to other perspectives with one exception ((possibly a few more that fall under subcategories of this)): it must be about sharing, not about winning.
  • If you claim something as a fact, it’s up to you to provide your evidence. So if the Higgs-Boson particle was only called the “God particle” as a joke, you need to point out where you got that information from. You lose points if you say something like, “Peter Higgs said …”

The two people I know about have sent me comments either via Facebook or via the web contact form. I find these preferable to the unsolicited guest blog posts from people who misunderstand the “target” part of “target marketing.”

Hopefully this issue can be fixed – but if not, there are other avenues to take.