December Playlist – mainly for @jillthd

So awhile ago the lovely jillthd mentioned an interest in people’s playlists. I remember when posting those were popular, along with postings that consisted only of lyrics. I’m pretty sure the RIAA had the most to do with the latter, or perhaps divisive politics just take up the store of attention that once went to music.

To satisfy her curiosity and share a little of what’s setting my life when I drive or hit the treadmill, I thought I’d share a bit. You’ll need to click to actually read the list, and then hit the back button. Most of the time that doesn’t take long, I promise. The single album I shot is written by a local teacher/musician, focusing on the housing crisis / change crisis/ crisis of new people coming in with no regard for San Francisco’s history. The title refers to something that used to be very close to where I live…and that may explain the slow buses, etc. since I am the furthest from most touristy stuff now.

december playist2 december playlist1  december playlist4december playlist3

I did a separate shot of a whole, if short, album I added to my list. I am also about eight songs short for the month – I tend to leave room for stuff that gets stuck in my head, or that I encounter and immediately love.

As you can see, my taste in music is very popp-y and hardly refined. I will say that having a music streaming service has actually opened me up to music in ways I could never afford to explore previously. When most people put their money down on albums with a deep enthusiasm (prior to mp3s) I spent that time and money on books, and more time and money on keeping a roof over my head/getting through college. In a way, Google Music is letting me make up for lost time/lost culture. This led to my unfortunate and painful discovery of Black Flag in  October… Robin Thicke must make them so proud.

Also, to my fellow nerds, geeks, and feminists: look up Janelle Monae’s videos. This is what some of the baby pop starlets are trying to imitate, along with playing to the “geek market.” Ignore them; they don’t really get it. It’s not reason for vitriol, but it’s just… eh. Watch the inimitable Ms. Monae instead.