Dialog bits

I get the feeling that after I finish the book on Wicca and divorce, my energy will direct itself to the screenplay notes/scrawls I have in my drawer. In fact, I know it will. Since my understanding of screenwriting format borders on a disaster only overshadowed by my complete confusion with documentation systems from AP to MLA to Chicago manual of style and why the hell it matters what sequence the same fact check information goes in, well… the story might not take long to write, but the formatting may take me forever.

Not only have I been waking up writing blog posts – apparently I am on self-expression backlog – I’m now getting character speeches in the mix. Yesterday’s would get this blog an NC-17 rating. Today’s is a bit different:

You want to be happy? Great. Clean up first. You need to quit with trying to be – or even being – someone that makes your mom and dad proud. You got to stand up and be someone YOU can be proud of.