Diana’s Fall Schedule

Wait until this includes workshops and signings!

In the meantime, I want to give you all a rough tour of what I’m doing on a day-by-day basis. I think, given the number of projects I have going, it will help you all understand that I am trying to communicate properly with everyone in my life – but I have to plan ahead to do it. Alas, little space remains for spontaneity at this point. Also, some of this gets jiggled because I am actively pursuing help for health problems I have going back ten years. I would like to be much more functional than I have been, so hey – I can get more done.

Getting more done may involve:

  • Answering/checking email only twice a day – so if it’s urgent, send me a text
  • Watching TV only once a week
  • Reading less blogs
  • Reading less social media – but you might be fooled. I still post something daily, and I’ve started scheduling that stuff out like my blog posts
  • MORE time outs – yes, if I can sneak in some coffee time, I will, but this does mean I have to restrict my activities to Northeast until I move

Every Day:

I come first. I do my morning pages, I do my revisions in Divorcing a Real Witch, and I drink two cups of coffee before I even consider engaging with another human being. This will not be a flexible rule. I am unable to get up at a consistent time of day – so if you DO call me, never expect a returned phone call before 3 pm. Sometimes I CAN do that, but sometimes I am simply physically unable to, and waking me up before my body is ready can foul me up for weeks. Also, Fat Chic is SERIOUS WORK NOW. It is my DAY JOB, so “Oh, you’re just doing that,” is not the acceptable response-thought.

Saturday- Workout day. This is, more importantly, my farmer’s market day, and my cook ahead for the week day. I get more done when I have healthy meals already packed in the fridge, so I do my best to cook most of my haul that day, reducing the decision making efforts later in the week. Evening writing.

Sunday – Pagan Newswire Collective designated work day. This is the day I try to do ALL my work for the PNC. Obviously, there’s a lot of bleed because news is news when it’s news. But ultimately, that’s the day I have set aside for it – for follow-ups, to-do list completions, and communications with the Google Group. Evening writing.

Monday– Writing day. Fat Chic Blogging day. Workout day. Evening writing.

Tuesday – Writing day. Fat Chic blogging day. Pilates day, when my energy allows it.  When I’m NOT going through some weird medical trial, this is also sometimes my bar/socializing night. Otherwise I usually just have an artist’s date at the library or go to a museum.  No evening writing unless I know I have plans the next day.

Wednesday– Longer artist’s date day. Mike works from home on his thesis and while we share an office, we’re much less disruptive to one another when we’re not both in it and working at the same time. (We both like to chat and share stuff, and it’s not great when we’re concentrating.) Sometimes I work in social time on this day, but it’s really supposed to be a day where I recharge my creative energies.  Usually there is some revision/writing time done earlier in the day, too.

Thursday – Writing/revision day. Fat Chic blogging day. Poetry meetup, or writer-related event day. Evening writing, if there’s remaining energy to do so.

Friday – Writing/revision in the morning. Reading. Workout day. Theoretical date night.

This is not an invitation to read and go OH GREAT, LET’S SNATCH HER FOR THIS DAY! My dance card is full, and that’s why, as formal  as it is – and offensive to the American palate as formality is – I pretty much have to see friends by appointment right now.

The trick to making a living as a creative person is to get people to understand that while I’m working autonomously, and even doing work that is often playful, both the work and the play are quite necessary – and I need them to be respected the same as if I were back to working a 9-5 grind and then watching TV for two hours when I get home. This is why I’ve been even scheduling phone call and Skype appointments for my dearest friends. Is it easy? No. It’s sure as hell not optimal – most friendships REQUIRE proximity, and for me to accomplish what I’ve set out to, I’m not in much of a position to be where I need to be for that to happen. Admittedly the car sharing has put a major crimp on my social life, and there is the whole habit thing – but it’s the good kind of inertia, I swear.

Let me put it this way: if I am supported in this now, I will be able to produce lots of wonderful web content throughout the fall. It will result in something I know some of you look forward to from me:  all those  good,  over-intense reads your enjoy while wearing your favorite bunny slippers and munching popcorn.