Diana’s List of Good Things in the World

Apathy is Dying
I know that there are some mixed feelings out there, but I’m seeing the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations across the United States as a good thing. Why? Because, as Cara Schulz of the PNC points out, these are demonstrations, much more than they are protests. Yes, people are objecting that no individual has landed in jail for what amounts to crimes defrauding millions of US citizens (and non-citizens in a system that runs deep and only appears irresolvable.)

Also, just an FYI: BoingBoing has a video up on how to break out of zip ties.

Justice is Restored
Amanda Knox was released from Italian prison after an appeal on her conviction in 2007. It’s terrible that she was ever arrested – and ultimately because the investigator thought she “wasn’t sad enough.” Sexism, ethnocentrism, and just being horrible led to her Kafkaesque nightmare. What’s also a very serious concern:  Meredith Kercher’s family still needs justice for the loss of their daughter.

Equal Rights in Haiti
The United Nations has pledged protection for LGBT people in Haiti.

Oh, and a general positive tip for my US citizens: credit unions are YOU. If you can move your banking to one, do it.