Diana’s list of good things in the world

I’m thinking of making this a monthly or even possibly weekly post. I’m going to look for 4 things that are going right in the world, that are getting better, that show signs of hope, progress, and positive action.

Sunrise Shots
sunrise off building in NE Minneapolis - photo by Diana Rajchel

This is not blind Pollyanna stuff – this is concrete results, people putting forth solutions to problems. This world is not just a place to be seen as a “terrible place,” as so many relish going on about, nor is it a “wonderful place.” The Earth has its miracles, and its tragedies. The human world has, in its morass of injustice, imbalance the possibility for discovery and a wealth of people willing to imagine new possibilities. Without those imaginations, we might not even notice the injustices. This list isn’t “yay sunsets!” It’s “Yay, solutions! Failures! Trying stuff!”

The bad things in the world aren’t static. The bad things are just where the work is to be done. You can’t do all of it. Neither can I. But you can find what speaks to you, what rings through you from head to toe, and put yourself in that one. Every problem does not need every person – it needs the right person, the exact correct number of cooks in the kitchen, the right mindset. You will have to change your mind about a few things every so often  – everybody does, and the miserable people are the ones that refuse to.

So I give you four good things happening in the world, as people take on solutions to the world’s problems:

  • The worldwide infant mortality rate has dropped dramatically. It’s still a work in progress – but there is progress.  This includes drops in maternal death rates – except in the southern United States, where women’s mortality is rising because male legislators and certain brainwashed counterparts are making the very things that save the lives of women and children illegal in the name of more white babies to adopt. (Let’s not lie to ourselves about that one.)
  • King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia will allow women the right to vote in 2015.  I’m cheering for him, and if his mother lives (I hope in excellent health), I’m thinking of sending her a thank-you note.
  • Elizabeth Warren is an actual senatorial candidate to vote for, speaking out against the GOP’s whining/faking being the victim for dominance accusation of class warfare. “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own – nobody.” Exactly – somebody had to spend money on your stuff, and thus far it seems that liberals and conservatives agree on the necessity of stoplights.
  • The Grameen Foundation empowers artisans in 3rd world countries to create income for themselves, slowly making inroads into world poverty. Actual lives have been changed.

Some weeks it may be harder than others to find good things, but right now – this is what’s out there, and it’s good.