Divorcing a Real Witch has a publisher!

I’ve been holding off on the BIG public announcement until everything was signed and I got the OK signal.

But… Divorcing a Real Witch is now signed with O Books under the Moon Books imprint.

So when’s it coming out?
I have to finish the book in 24 months; right now it’s on a late second draft stage, and there will be some time spent polishing it. Then ripping it apart and polishing it again during the editorial process.

What about the documentary?
The documentary will go forward, and I’m widening the scope to include people willing to do interviews over Skype. Please let me know if you’d like to be involved in its production. No, I don’t know a thing about videography, so at this point unsolicited advice is solicited.

Also, if you support this project, I do have a “here’s how you can help” email that will go out to you if you ask for it. If you want updates on when the book is available for order, there’s a mailing list box on the side of my main blog (livejournal and other feed proxy blogs, you’ll need to come to blog.dianarajchel.com directly.) Sign up, and I can email you when I’m doing workshops, when the book is available for pre-order and of course when the book is available in bookstores.

Note: we don’t know the official title yet, but it will probably have to change. The book will be released in US and UK markets, and while we may both speak speak the same language, we attach very different connotations to our word choices. There’s a cultural difference between how UK citizens react to the phrase “real witch” (as in “who is the real witch?”) and how US citizens react to “real witch” (as in “you’re not ALL imaginary?”/”rhymes with bitch.”) Chances are the title will have to change, and with any luck I can keep it to something that is just as attention-grabbing.

So how can I help right now/with as little personal effort as possible?

If you see the share bar below this post on the main blog, there’s a menu of places you can share this news socially. Twitter and Facebook, Reddit – you can even comment about it in your own blog. I just ask if you vilify me, you do so with accuracy and make sure you mention the book. Bring it up in conversation. Talk to me about it on my Amazon author page or my Goodreads author page.

So, there you have it – official word that this book will see print, and by a hand other than my own!