Divorcing a Real Witch: Query phase

It’s been a long couple of weeks, with a vacation in Portland that I turned into a working trip – both valuable and tiring – and a trip to New York city courtesy of JustMySize/Hanesbrands. If I had approached my twenties the typical way of setting goals for my thirties, I would be losing my mind right now. As it is, I see the amoebic shape of fate coalescing into whatever happens in evolution after ameoba and I’m just going with it. Apparently it sends me back into a literal closet.

In the meantime, I’ve started the query process for Divorcing a Real Witch. I’m prepared for all possibilities with this book, and I realize that succeed or fail, I’ve sprouted another career with Fat Chic and I very much need to face that.

I’m still running the survey for the book –  I’m honestly not sure where else to go to invite participants without it turning into a spamfest. If fellow bloggers see this, please, pick it up, I’d really appreciate it. I admit I’ve allowed a lot of old-school pagan relationships to lapse, not without reason, but sometimes it proves a disadvantage. ((I just don’t feel like I should have to apologize for choosing what’s right for me.))  I submitted an essay to Witch’s Voice in late August, and I’ve seen no movement towards issuing it. I’m well aware that they’re backlogged and somewhat on autopilot; I’m assuming that it will be released though, and I’ve moved the survey close dates to accommodate. While I’ve got enough volunteers for a valid survey sample – including 2-3 non-neopagan control participants – I’d feel much better if I broke 100, and I’d love it – LOVE IT – if I hit 1000.

I just have a lot to do, and it’s all very scattered. In the meantime, I’ve got much writing and blogging to do, especially on clothing.

Somewhere in a different dimension my teenage self is watching me and wandering what in the hell happened.