Divorcing a Real Witch: the survey in phase 2 development

At the advice of my friend Lisa, I’m doing a slight rework of the survey I intend to release about Wiccans/neopagans and divorce practices. Rather than completely overwhelm people with a deluge of questions, I’m breaking it up into the following sections. I think it covers everything. See on the list below, and let me know if any larger topics I might be missing.

I’m also working on the knotty problem of incentive. I can’t reasonably expect people to do this for absolutely nothing. Just asking the questions was emotionally wrenching, and I’m not answering them myself because I write about my own experience – in detail – in the book. Somehow offering a free copy of the Spellcasting Picture Book, or of the upcoming illustrated Zombie Repellent Chronicles ((For real. I now have an illustrator.)) just doesn’t seem to answer to what some people will go through while fishing their memories over this stuff.

Name/Contact/Location (for people willing to interview on camera for the coinciding online documentary I plan to piece together.)
Data points: number of marriages
Length of marriages
Children from each marriage
Pets from each marriage (# and type)
1st marriage
2nd marriages and greater
Definitions of divorce
Legal experiences including division of property
Child custody
Pet custody
Religious issues and Ritual Practices
Alternative lifestyles