Divorcing a Real Witch Update: the full scope of the project

These plans may well change based on what happens as I go through the query/book proposal process. If I land an agent – and then a publisher – I probably give up a fair chunk of control of the project (and the title will probably change.) If I am unsuccessful at landing an agent and/or publisher, we’re looking at Lulu.com, a touch of public embarrassment (hardly the first time) and, for whatever it’s worth, enough creative control that about 25 people will look at this project and 3 might buy a copy. I acknowledge I may fail. I’ve failed before, and to date, my survival rate is phenomenal.

Also to date, so those of you especially who see me Tweet-tweeting about this know, my intentions are as follows:

1)Book – in rough draft. Just got the first chapter in 2nd draft on Sunday. This means that it’s now coherent, but the prose can still improve and the manuscript is quite likely riddled with the sorts of typos and grammatical errors that bypass Word. I realize I’m in rookie zone since I have the entire book give or take a few sections already written. Even if it doesn’t get picked up as is, the additional chapters are still usable.

2)Survey – I have doubts that any survey is fully scientific or reliable, and Gods only know if I’ll get enough data to define anything relevant. Even so, through this survey I am inviting the neopagan/Wiccan community (and Reconstructionists if they can tolerate the neopagan header as a kindness to me) to add their own voices and perspectives to this project. While mine will be loudest – I am the self appointed narrator – I want to offer a)numbers I don’t know that we’ve gathered recently or ever on divorce among these particular Western-world faiths and b) to offer anecdotes and experiences that drastically differ from mine. Advice that lingers with me from an old screenwriting professor applies here: “Don’t even try to relate.” By speaking from personal experience without care for whether or not others “get it” I’ve found that people who might not connect at all can connect and add to our collective lessons from these experiences.

3)Documentary – This is where I venture out of my comfort zone. I thought of this initially as a website promotion, but then I realized that I might do something more, if not necessarily better. I intend to interview on camera any willing participants in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area. If I’m lucky, someone may let me video their handparting ritual. While I don’t expect much from the production quality – I’m working with two Flip cameras – it’s something I can release free online that people can share freely.

That’s my current total intention for the Divorcing a Real Witch project. The survey itself is in beta right now, and anyone else who wants to beta test, please let me know. Mostly I’m looking for when/where the survey breaks so I can do what I can to make sure it stays operational.

Also, when I do post the survey, if you’re a blogger looking for something to post about, please run an announcement about the survey once or twice. I’ll be more than happy to return the favor on any of your projects.