Do you believe in curses?

Vintage Halloween Card
Vintage Halloween Card

I’ve been spinning my wheels on this one for about three years now. While it’s a basic question – and the Wiccan party line is, more or less, “No,” I’ve certainly seen invective I’ve launched at someone from a place of deep anger actually land. It was an ex-boyfriend. It was not undeserved, although I deeply regret doing it. It was not my intention to cast a curse, but now every time I cross his path – and I sometimes do, though I try to keep him from knowing it as it’s been more than fifteen years – I can’t help but see that I stunted his (already limited) growth.

If I could cast a curse without even intending it, it opens up the possibility that anybody could do so at any time. Admittedly, I was still drawing energy from my body at that time, and I was around 19/20, so there was a lot of hormonal fuel combined with long periods of celibacy to really amp up the hate/lonely/injustice sense.

I did attempt to undo the curse, and as far as I can tell, it’s “on record” I tried, but I’ve seen no evidence that this person’s life changed – so it may have been what he was aiming for. I might have had nothing to do with it. But my sense is that I did.

I’ve come across situations since then where I feel not cursed…but thwarted. I think everyone does, from time to time. But it does make me re-raise the question: curses, are they really possible? If so, how do they work? How do you see them working?

…and can they play a positive role?