Last night – and the next week – are mondo good for magic. Beyond mondo. Historic. It’s the combination of the solar eclipse, with a new moon and a whole bunch of other happy astrological conditions. I’ve already jumped on this with my friend Brenda, and we’ve agreed to continue workings this week although on a less intense scale than last night.

Because magical workings often turn into a much bigger production than need be, I finally developed a way that works for Brenda and I to stay organized as we go about our daily:

What this does is allows me to slot in spells we’re doing individually (but supporting each other in) and those we’re doing together. It also lets me note astrological conditions that can cooperate (or not) with our intent. This means that the night – or a few nights – before getting together I can make note of what we’re doing, what supplies we need and if we’re tapping spells from my library, what books and what page numbers we’re using.

Yes, I have practiced for 15+ years. I am knowledgeable enough to write my own spells. I also am knowledgeable enough to recognize when someone else’s spell works so well I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Charmed wasn’t wrong about everything.

The long-term intent of keeping these records is a database. By doing this, we’re noting what books, spells and supplies we actually use. This cuts down on the whole “collecting” aspect of practice, saving time, space and money.  From there, over time I can build a private database that will allow me to search for a term – say, “Mercury Retrograde,” that brings up what magic I use to navigate that time period. ((Hint/Answer: Iris really appreciates the respect.)) I know exactly what books to use, exactly what supplies I need. By cutting down on the book-flipping and brainstorming time ((I’ve rewritten far more spells than I care to admit, usually unnecessarily)) I can get to the whole “actual practice” thing faster.

I also see my Book of Shadows as more of a “best practices” manual. This is actually interim, the diary, in a manner of speaking. I can look over this date by date and find my best practices that way.


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