Etsy Tuesday: perfume solid

040511 003

Thursday has become “make stuff Thursday” at the casa. The results are often stuff I can’t resell – candles, stuff for my personal beauty care, cookies… This last Thursday, however, I whipped up a batch of very solid perfume solid. It’s not in my naturals or vegan line – it has beeswax and I’m positive what I used was a fragrance oil. It’s a sweet floral labeled “orchid” (although I don’t believe it) but it smells nice enough. It’s embedded in palm oil and cocoa butter so you do have to dig a bit, but once it hits your skin it melts on there right away. Mostly I’m trying to use up supplies sitting around my home as a sort of art project/personal challenge. Also, I just have this thing about not having to spend time looking for items – I read that by far the most time is wasted looking for stuff, and if I want to make the most of my life, I can’t live it wondering where the hell I put one thing and digging through other things for it.

So, at the moment, I have a dilemma: what do I call this little jar of sweet? Orchid? Butter me up? You did WHAT to the Easter bunny?

Any suggestions? A free one to anyone who proposes a name that I use!


  1. Thetechdiva

    Since there is a breed of orchid known as the Adam and Eve why not call this blend “Garden Ecstasy”

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