Today I received a handwritten, hand addressed letter in the US mail that had my name – correctly spelled – and my apartment building as well as my apartment number. Clearly someone wanted to know that they knew exactly where I lived. The return address, listed on the front of the envelope, traces to a Jehovah’s Witness church in New Brighton. The contents were a handwritten (and unsigned) note about how tough unemployment is, and a Watchtower all about dealing with the stress of unemployment.

So someone wants me to know that

  1. they know exactly where I live and that
  2. they know I’m unemployed.

Except that I’m not unemployed, I’m self employed. So it’s both bullying – (we know who you are and where you live) –  and insulting. Especially since I keep my address and phone number out of public view. The front door lists Mike’s name, not mine. Only someone in the building would know.

I call my apartment manager. She does stupid, invasive shit all the time and frequently asks me about my businesses making it clear she thinks I’m lying about them in some way.

My first instinct was to call the church and advise them that if I get any such crap from them again, I will file a harassment restraining order. Mike’s suggestion is that I send them a salacious content warning. It’s a thought. I do find Watchtower stuff really offensive.